We’re an ethical and sustainable period health brand – trailblazing the industry for good. Grace & Green is an award-winning, sustainable female-led independent business – founded by an environmentalist. We combine innovative design with premium organic ingredients to create high-performing, ethical period products.

We’re Committed to

  • Period health, the environment, and tackling period poverty. Our mission is to challenge the status quo of the ‘feminine hygiene’ industry in its current state.
  • Championing innovative and sustainable production models and we’re driven by transparency and authenticity.
  • Our wider responsibility to people and the planet. These initiatives include planting a tree for each order and donating period products to those in need.

Social Responsibility

Our mission is to create a world where period and reproductive health is viewed in the same way as physical and mental health at work.

We are committed to normalising conversations, removing stigma, and taking women’s health seriously in your organisation.


Period Dignity by Grace & Green – pioneering a circular economy within the hygiene industry. Our values are those of a brand started by an environmental and social scientist with a passion for sustainability and slow living.

Organic Period Products

Our award-winning products are naturally effective and sustainable. All of our products are 100% organic, plastic-free and either reusable, or biodegradable. Kind on your body. Kind on the planet

Meet The Team

Fran Lucraft

Fruzsina Bodnar

Richard Summerfield

Melody Lewis

Charly Patrick

Why Grace & Green?

Our goal is to provide effective, organic, biodegradable period products that are kind to both people’s bodies and the environment, combining pioneering design and innovative manufacturing with high quality, natural and organic ingredients. Our range of period products is certified by numerous globally-recognised bodies , to ensure they are both ethically sourced and produced and as safe as they can be.

Contact Us

To get sustainable and award-winning period products contact us today. Our team is happy to help and will send you a tailored quote to suit your needs.

It would be helpful to know the number of bathrooms and estimated menstruating people you have, and which products you are most interested in. Please also let us know your preferred way to be contacted and any suitable times.