Avara Foods: Empowering Workplace Inclusivity and Sustainability

July 21, 2023

By Period Dignity Team

Through the implementation of the Grace & Green Period Dignity Work Scheme, Avara has shattered taboos and created a positive working environment. The scheme supports women in the workplace, promotes open conversations, and provides sustainable period care products. This partnership exemplifies Avara’s dedication to inclusivity, sustainability, and employee well-being.

Sophie at Avara highlights the impact of the initiative, stating, “The Grace & Green scheme has allowed colleagues to openly start conversations that squash the taboos and cultural stigma.” Through internal reviews of employee welfare, Avara recognised the need for accessible period care products in their workplace. By partnering with Grace & Green, they enabled their employees to have open and honest conversations about menstruation. This inclusive dialogue has created a safe and supportive environment, empowering employees and promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Avara’s partnership with Grace & Green aligns with their broader commitment to sustainability. “We chose to work with Grace & Green for several reasons,” says Sophie. “Their commitment to sustainability with planet-friendly products that are organic, in biodegradable and recyclable packaging is one of the main factors. The feedback that we have received so far has been extremely positive.” Choosing a sustainable supplier reinforces Avara’s dedication to reducing their environmental footprint and promoting responsible consumption. Sophie concludes “Grace and Green are a fantastic company to work with. The team is friendly, helpful, and the products are great too.”

The partnership between Avara and Grace & Green showcases the transformative power of inclusive practices and sustainable choices in the workplace. Through open conversations, accessibility, and support for employee well-being, Avara fosters an environment where every individual can thrive. As Grace & Green, we are honoured to collaborate with Avara and contribute to their journey towards inclusivity and equality. Together, we inspire others to join the movement and create workplaces that empower and uplift every individual.

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