Supporting York Student’s Union’s Sustainable Period Poverty Scheme

July 21, 2023

By Period Dignity Team

York Student’s Union’s period poverty scheme has taken a significant step towards sustainability by partnering with Grace & Green.

“The issue of period poverty has been more exacerbated than ever before due to the cost of living crisis, and we know that there needs to be more education on what this means for menstruators.” said Hannah Nimmo, Wellbeing Officer at YUSU. “This has been one of the most accessed cost of living initiatives on campus – the initiative has never been so popular.”

“For the long-term development of our period poverty scheme, one of YUSU’s top priorities was to create a more sustainable future for the project.” says Hannah Nimmo, Wellbeing Officer at YUSU. In their search for a more environmentally friendly solution, they partnered with Grace & Green. This partnership allows YUSU to offer sustainable and ethical period care products, including biodegradable items and recyclable packaging.

The arrival of Grace & Green machines on campus marked a significant milestone for YUSU’s period poverty scheme. “We are so excited to introduce Grace & Green and truly solidify the longevity of this initiative,” says Hannah, “the new Grace & Green machines have now arrived and have been installed – aren’t they beautiful?!”. Free period product dispensers ensure that menstrual products are readily available to anyone who needs them. As well as being practical, dispensers serve as a tangible reminder that menstruation is a topic worthy of open discussions and societal recognition.

YUSU also recognised the urgent need for education surrounding period poverty and its impact on menstruators. By partnering with Grace & Green, who also provide literacy education on periods and period poverty, YUSU aims to raise awareness and understanding among students.

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