Period Dignity for Business

The business workplace Period Dignity provision will demonstrate your commitment to promoting equality by supporting the wellbeing of all staff.

Period Dignity by Grace & Green was founded with a mission to provide free period products to all people without access in the UK.

When we embarked on our journey we asked people about a time they’d been caught out by their period at work and what the hardest part was. The more people we spoke with, the more we realised that getting caught short wasn’t their biggest frustration.

The frustration was largely around unfairness. Unfairness that period products in general were not available in their workplace, that they weren’t available when they needed them.

Grace & Green now works with hundreds of progressive businesses of all sizes up and down the UK.

Our scheme is an empowered and cost-effective first step towards supporting menstrual health amongst your staff and employees. It acknowledges that periods exist and gives staff easy access to these essential, necessity items. As an award-winning sustainable period brand, we’re helping employers and businesses to cultivate period equality and dignity in their workplace.

Some of our Workplace Partners

We developed our Period Dignity Workplace initiative to help progressive organisations adopt an employee period care provision. We created a solution that’s cost-effective and easy to manage.

Leading companies have joined our scheme, which not only supports their staff but also their CSR commitments with green procurement and charitable donations. Whatever the size of your business, we have the right package for you.

Additional Perks

We truly value working with you and want to do as much as possible to help improve your workplace. In addition to supplying a wide range of Grace & Green plastic-free period products, we also offer additional benefits, such as:

  • Exclusive Grace & Green discounts for home deliveries.
  • Funding period product donations and environmental projects with every order

  • A range of display units designed specifically for workplace bathrooms and made with sustainable or recycled materials.
  • Educational resources: free access to our Period Dignity Toolkit, educational and promotional materials

Contact Us

To get sustainable and award-winning period products contact us today. Our team is happy to help and will send you a tailored quote to suit your needs.

It would be helpful to know the number of bathrooms and estimated menstruating people you have, and which products you are most interested in. Please also let us know your preferred way to be contacted and any suitable times.