Throughout the UK there are different amounts of funding available for educational settings depending on the country you are in. Please contact us if you need help or advise with an application [email protected]

Below we have some useful information and websites to help you access the funding you may need for a free period product scheme:


All schools and colleges in England are now eligible to receive funding for a free period product scheme. This is not automatic therefore, you must apply for funding here:

Unfortunately, this support does not extend to higher education settings. You may be able to acquire funding through utilising your student union to lobby your university board.


Scotland is the first country in the world to make period products free to all people who need them. This fantastic step means that all educational settings are eligible for financial support. You will receive funding for free period products through contacting your local authority.


The Welsh government has made funding available for schools, further education institutes and communities to ensure that free period products can be provided in settings for those who need them. Funding will be allocated to each local authority. Find more information here:,practical%20and%20dignified%20way%20possible.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has just finished a pilot scheme for providing free period products within educational settings. The results from the scheme are awaiting publication however, funding may accessible through contacting your local education authority. Find more information here:

Further information

Visit our educational resources page to find out more about what Period Dignity can offer your setting.

Access our email template that can help you lobby for funding.

For any help or advise with an application or obtaining grant funding please contact us: [email protected]