Primary School Resources

It is important for young people to learn about periods and puberty before they go through these important life phases, this will ensure they are prepared for what to expect. We understand that these can be sensitive topics for young people to learn about therefore, we have carefully designed these resources using thoughtful language. There are a range of activities available that can help your primary school improve their period and menstrual health education.

All of our resources aim to include everyone, regardless of gender identity, in these important conversations.

Your digital download includes:


  • Let’s Talk Periods presentation
  • Let’s Talk Periods: Teachers’ Notes
  • Period Fact File: True or False


  • Let’s Talk Puberty presentation
  • Let’s Talk Puberty: Teachers’ Notes
  • Puberty Fact File: True or False

We recommend that these topics are suitable for young people from the age of 9+.

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