Our mission is to create a world where period and reproductive health is viewed in the same way as physical and mental health at work. Commit to normalising conversations, removing stigma, and taking women’s health seriously in your organisation.

We believe everyone should have access to period care – full stop. With each Period Dignity purchase, we provide period products and educational resources to people who might otherwise go without. Together, here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • 40,000 period products will be donated by 2022
  • 75% of our domestic giving will be dedicated to BIPOC communities in 2022.
  • 160,0000 products diverted from landfill for each person who switches to reusable or biodegradable period care in their lifetime.


Ensuring that no one is disadvantaged at work or in their career because of a reproductive health problem.

At Period Dignity, we provide free, open-source information and resources tailored for schools, universities and businesses.

These comprehensive resources cover all sorts of topics from environmental impact of different menstrual products, to health and wellbeing and reproductive health.

Our Period Dignity Toolkit is the outcome of a new and powerful creative partnership between Grace & Green, leading experts in the field, and university institutions across the UK.

Our collective drive, creativity and deep commitment to sustainability and period health has created a world-class, publicly accessible resource that we believe will be a vital lever in moving the broader period dignity movement forward.

We have created a guide on how to set up a free period product scheme and also how to lobby your place of education for funding. To find out more enquire here:

Some of Our Partners

We work with amazing community partners across the UK to ensure that our award-winning period products are given to people in their communities who need them most. The services they supply are the lifeblood for some of the most vulnerable members of our society, providing support such as women’s centres and safe houses, food banks, homeless shelters, health clinics and youth groups. Fantastic people doing really amazing things in their communities.

How we work

We communicate clearly so people understand what the Period Dignity scheme is about, so they can get involved and engage. We listen to people who have experienced period poverty to get a better understanding of how to deal with it.

We have conversations with our partners and consider people’s real life experiences in our outreach work and strategy.

We aim to share experiences of period poverty so people in our community can understand and learn why period dignity is so important.

We develop guidance on period dignity for local authorities, services and organisations, and provide period toolkits through our universities and schools work.

Join the Movement

Join the Period Dignity Movement today and help cultivate equality and inclusion if your workplace with award-wining plastic-free period products.