So how does Dignity empower working people?

It is a small part in a very large problem- but we provide an actionable step that companies can take to achieve their larger diversity goals. We surveyed the people whom we work with to find out how supplying the Grace & Green Project Dignity initiative impacts them in their workplaces, schools and universities

“We have enjoyed working with Grace & Green since day one. Their team has been so attentive, personable and enthusiastic. They listened to all of our wishes and needs and considered each one individually. Their sustainable promise and corporate social responsibility commitments were impressive and aligned with our values. We are looking forward to developing our relationship with them.”

“We started working with Grace & Green on a period poverty campaign across our campuses, which provides free products for those in need and discounted products for those looking to make more sustainable choices. Initially, I chose them because of their commitments to environmental initiatives, gender inclusivity and fair pricing – but I’ve also become so appreciative of their flexibility, friendliness and their really personalised services! It’s such a pleasure to work with them and looking forward to developing a ‘Package for Grace’ initiative to increase the access to products.”

“Clare has been working with Grace & Green for nearly a year, supplying free period products for all students in bathrooms across the college. It’s important to our students that we work with sustainable brands, so G&G has been a great way for us to do that – they are transparent about their values and production process, and explained this all comprehensively during our first conversation. Customer support is always great, and really understanding – they have been amazing to work with!”

“I am happy to say that students that I have heard back from have been enjoying the products, in particular numerous students with eczema have been happy with the benefits they’ve experienced from the lack of perfumes or scents used in your pads. Additionally, students with heavier periods have noted that the products are very effective with heavier menstrual flows which was something of noted as concern previously due to having never used sustainable products.”

“The Grace & Green products have been received really well at UEA, with many students voicing their gratefulness for the products on our social media. People really love the fact that the products are sustainable and non-toxic as this is a great move forward in the fight against climate change, alongside the fight for menstrual justice! Working with Grace & Green has been amazing, they are so helpful and truly passionate about eradicating period poverty in a sustainable way. Their company ethos is truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to try out their new bamboo range!”

“Roedean are delighted to be partnered with Grace and Green. Their ethical and green credentials matter hugely to our pupils, and we are thrilled that a company with a conscience are able to provide all our period products.”

“Really good company ethos, good functionality of varied products and most importantly non-toxic and biodegradable which is the main reason I wanted to take part in the trial. It’s really important to me that whatever product is sourced is safe for us to use and the company are conscious of waste/impact on the planet. This company clearly put a lot of work into being green, ethical and reliable so they’ve got my vote”

“We have received amazing feedback from colleagues across the business about having period products available when they need them most. It provides a sense that the business really cares about all employees and by using Grace & Green, who provide eco-friendly products, shows a commitment to our sustainability agenda too.”

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